MAGIC-F350 is a CNC machine for Cutting


Size470 mm (W) x 375 mm (H) x 455 mm (D)
Max. Engraving Area(X) 220 * (Y) 100 *(Z) 38,5mm
Resolution(XY) 0,005mm / (Z) 0,00125mm
Tool Diameter4 mm
Spindle Speed0-20000 rpm/min
Spindle Power70 W
Weight38,5 kg
Power SupplyAC 100-220V 50/60Hz

MAGIC-F350 is an excellent cutting machine

Magic-F350 is a specialized machine for metal cutting which includes cutting oil circulator. It is capable of engraving letters and patterns on jewelry & metal materials.

It’s upgraded speed and cutting oil make it possible to complete the work without noise and time-wasting.

Specialized cutting clamp for F350 and cutting oil could also contribute to your better result by filtering chips and prolonging the tool’s life.

Outil en diamant pour le marquage du métal, machine de gravage Magic F300

Collet & Nut type tool

Outil pour métal, acrylic, bois, cire, machine de gravage Magic F300

Automated cutting oil circulator (Option)

Etau auto centreur, machine de gravage Magic F300

 A cutting clamp for nameplate necklaces(Option)

Table de 300mm x 200mm , machine de gravage Magic-F300

Coolant Circulator (Option)


Cutting of nameplate necklace.Machining of brass stamps, punches, prototypes,…

Engraving of jewelry medals, pendants, dog tags, necklaces made of various metals and other industrial materials.


  • Specialized machine for Metal & Nameplate cutting

  • Clean cutting-section and shortened post-processing

  • Automated cutting oil circulator equipped

  • Improved Cutting speed and power with BLDC motor

  • Has function to filter the chips

  • Prolonged tool’s life

  • Capable of setting the location easily with laser pointer

  • Magic-ART program (Cutting software) included

  • Specialized cutting clamp for F350


What’s in the box

The MAGIC-F350  engraving and cutting machine comes with many accessories. This allows our customers to make the most of our machines. In Addition, it is important to know that all our accessories are available for sales.

AC Adapter (24V 2,5A)1Ruler1
Power Cable1Medal Clamp1
USB Cable1Clamp Slide Set1
Endmill Cutter (Φ 0,6)2Clamp Push Bolt4
Diamond Tip (Ø 4.0)1Clamp Bolt Set1
AST Tool (Ø 4.0)1Clamp L-Wrench (2.5mm)1
Additional Clamp1Clamp L-Wrench (4mm)1
Pin6Clamp L-Wrench (5mm)1
Spindle Belt (Ø 40)6Instruction manual1
Spanner Set1Software CD1